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JBDAboutUsCalIn today's competitive environment, you need services that can help during each stage of your company's life. You need a company that can understand your unique needs and help you reach and surpass your goals.

Our primary goal is to maximize the client's greatest potential. We accomplish this with a team of motivated professionals, dedicated to meeting the highest professional standards in a responsible, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We take pride in the belief that no customer is too small to benefit from our services, yet we have the experience and personnel to accommodate many of the larger, growing companies throughout the community. Each customer requires an individual package of services. We will provide services tailored to meet your individual requirement.

We treat our customers just like we would want to be treated, and don't hide behind gray suits or technical language. We are relaxed, open and informal, but at all times we are efficient, professional and effective.

In short, if you want a company that speaks your language, please get in touch.

Mission Statement

JBDavis Company was formed in 1986 as a preparation business with humble beginnings, The business was started by its owner Robert (Bob) L. Davis with the creation of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet programs written for the purposes of calculating formulas that entered the correct figures on IRS formatted forms as well as the capability to print the tax filing forms.  Thus, the business had a successful start as customers who wanted a reliable source for preparing their tax returns began to request annual tax preparation. The company grew in clientele wanting their taxes prepared and Bob had to consider a more time and cost effective method for offering services.  After researching viable options, the company began using proprietary tax preparation software offered by AM Tax Software. JBDavis Company used this software for many years until it was purchased by Drake Software in the year 2000. The business grew further and so did the knowledge of its owner with new services offered to clients in tax planning, estate planning, bookkeeping and financial and retirement planning.

Today these services are offered to individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations and fiduciaries estates throughout the United States, Our commitment to our customers is to provide conscientious and reliable advice and services and to become our clients most valuable financial asset.

With the main office located in Washington, D.C and another location in South Carolina and Maryland, we are confident that we can offer a positive experience in services to our customers