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-- JBDAVIS Company will provide training personally to you or to your Company. We have experienced skilled trainers with Bachelors and Masters degrees in adult education. We will provide training in Policy, Procedures, Regulations, Computer interoffice training, Customer Services, Customer Relations, Telephone Technique, and Operation Procedures,and more.

-- We will evaluate your current Policy, Regulations, Procedures and their impact on the functions and operations of your Company. We will also coordinate a training program on your current operating procedures or the creation, revision or discontinuance of programs and operating procedures for any affected areas.

-- We have the skills to write step-by-step procedures on the work being done in those areas and provide training to ensure all persons are working with the same procedures.

-- We will create and develop work manuals to be used as a reference guides in the work area.

-- We have the ability to write training modules as self pace learning tools. With a series of modules, employees or management can learn any assignment at his/her on speed with 100% success if all modules are completed.

-- We are trainers - if you have the materials we will perform the training. If you do not have the materials we will create and develop the materials to provide the training. In other words we are trainers and we're waiting to TRAIN YOU.