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-- What could be worse than the prospect of prolonged litigation or constant disagreement over an issue that could be settled...if only the parties would sit down and talk with each other?

-- Or, paying exorbitant attorney's fees and court costs to resolve a conflict in which emotions play a larger role than the substance at hand?

-- Or, a nagging disagreement, which seems to grow larger every day that it remains unresolved?

-- Companies no longer need operate at less than capacity because of internal conflicts between staff and management or as a result of disagreement with clients, vendors, or competitors. "We settle conflicts that can weaken an organization's vitality and productivity.

-- We help companies regain lost momentum when partner, employees, or supervisors invest more time and energy in disputes than in productive activities.

-- Non-profit and civic associations benefit when disagreements, which threaten their capacity to serve their constituencies, are brought to closure amicably and constructively.

-- We combine traditional mediation and conflict resolution methods with managed facilitation techniques. Our approach takes problems that appear insoluble and converts them into a process that ends in mutually agreed outcomes. We are trained and experienced mediators. Our process is to bring conflicting parties to settlement by encouraging each side to listen to the other's concerns and then helping to develop options aimed at resolving their conflicting issues.

-- We are skilled mediators producing settlement in disputes ranging from small claims, custody and divorce to community and child protection cases. Our professional experience ranges from business development and financial management to public affairs and non-profit operations. We understand that for settlement to be lasting and durable, parties must assume responsibility for the terms of their agreements and be actively involved in developing the outcomes.

-- Efforts to resolve internal disputes may be compromised when companies and organizations rely on staff to settle outstanding issues. Independent mediators are more likely to achieve lasting settlements because of their impartial approach to the issues.

-- Our services are available to families, schools, congregations, and other groups in which the possibility of disputes exists.

-- Let us become your key to maintaining a productive work place, more livable communities, and healthier families.