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JBDAVIS Company will assist you in paying and/or eliminating your debt by providing you personally or your Company with Personal Bill Payer services or Debt Elimination services.

-- The Bill Payer services works like this:

     -- We will advise you the set up a separate checking account in your name with JBDAVIS Company having check signing authority only.

     -- You will then provide us with a list of your payment we'll to pay as:

          -- Payee: Name, Address, Account Number,                       Payment Due Date, Annual %Rate, Current                     Balance, Total Payment, Telephone Number

          -- We will agree on an amount to have Direct Deposit (if your job has this type of payment plan) every payday to equal the monthly agreed upon bill payment amount.

-- JBDAVIS Company will make your Monthly payment(s) in a timely manner. You will receive various reports a Transactions Listing covering each monthly payment, a Cumulative General Leger give you an up to date accountability of all payments made. There reports will be mailed to each month. 

-- The Debt Elimination Process works like this:

-- The same information is provided as above. In the elimination process the idea is to be Debt Free at a particular time in the near future.

-- We will make, (from your checking account), your monthly payments plus an additional amount to your monthly bill, as we eliminate a bill we will then add that money plus the additional amount to the next bill until that bill is eliminated an so on, an so on, until all non-recurring bill are eliminated and you are Debt Free.

-- You Benefits and Saving:

-- You save money on: checks, envelopes and postages because they will be provide by JBDAVIS Company.

     -- This saving is minimally $192.00 dollars a year at 10 checks per month.

-- This service will save you personal and family time and the hassle of writing and mailing checks every month to pay your monthly payments.

-- With a separate checking account you will save time and headaches balancing your checkbook account, we will provide you with a balance statement each month.

-- You will no longer have to worry about timely payments improving your credit rating and avoiding those $25.00 late payments.

-- We will pay all your bills, not just your loan and/or credit card bills (i.e. telephone bills, electric bills, water bills, car/house insurance bills, club bills, etc...

-- As a Bonus if you signup with us today we will also include:

     -- Payments to your child(ren) for allowance.

     -- Payments to your college child(ren) on a monthly basis.

     -- Payments to your wife, husband or parents.

     -- Payments to you each month for being the wonderful person you are.

-- Sooooooo, Start today and improve your "Quality of Life" by adding more time into your family or personal life and keeping your credit rating good with timely payments.