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JBDAVIS Company will manage you Real Estate, Residential, or Apartment Rental property for any Personal or Company owner(s).

-- We will collect your rent and deposit the money into a bank of your choice.

-- We will clean/upkeep the interior and exterior of the property.

-- We will handle any repairs and maintenance of the property, from Rent payments.

-- We will upgrade and develop the property, with the owner(s) permission when needed.

-- We will prepare the property for readiness intended for new Tenants.

-- We will complete and file all tax papers for property.

-- We will provide owner(s) with a complete and detail listing of all money spent on property, a general ledger for tax purposes, a monthly income statement and all signed contracts with all receipts.

-- We will, if approved by owner(s), have a $500.00 limit on all repairs, maintenance, and renovations. Owner(s) must approve Repairs and Maintenance over $500.00.

-- We will pay for all repairs up front and reimburse money-spent form the monthly rent along with our percent and deposit the balance in your account.

-- When we manage your property the owners stay anonymous and not involved if they choose to. Inspection is at the owner(s) convenience.